Nesting Doula Collective

Prenatal, Birth, and Postpartum Support for Culturally Diverse Communities


Prenatal Support

Your doula will visit you during your pregnancy to help you prepare for labour and delivery.



We can help you connect with your community including care providers and family services. 


Labour and Delivery

A doula will be with you when labour begins until hours after delivery at any birthing location.


Postpartum Care

We can provide support with breastfeeding, baby bathing, and home care after your birth. 


Full Spectrum

A doula can provide care for all pregnancy outcomes including pregnancy loss and abortion.

Our Approach

The Nesting Doula Collective provides care and support to Indigenous and communities of colour, including immigrants and refugees, at all stages of their reproductive journey from conception to postpartum. Our approach upholds the principles of informed consent, culturally appropriate care, and community connection.

The Collective

We are a growing collective of doulas in the Greater Victoria area who are passionate about providing inclusive and accessible care for all pregnancy outcomes. Nesting Doula Collective invites individuals who share this passion, can speak multiple languages, and/or are connected to Indigenous communities or communities of colour to join. 

Meet your Doula

Nesting Doula Collective is made up of a passionate team of trained Doulas who share the belief that all individuals should have access to accessible and culturally appropriate care throughout their reproductive journeys including pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, and birth.


Accepting clients residing in the Greater Victoria area.​

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