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Our Approach

Nesting Doula Collective centres the principles of informed consent, culturally appropriate care, and community connection in all of the services we offer. We have had our own personal experiences of accessing health care where these principles were not present and as a result, we encountered trauma, isolation, and the need for support. We have also been witness to the similar experiences of our clients. 

We believe that we can support our clients best when we approach birth and full spectrum support with the following principles: 


Informed Consent 


Every step of the way, we empower our clients with the knowledge and information they need in order to make decisions for themselves and their baby. These include choices around desired pregnancy outcomes, making a birth plan, selecting pain management methods, and baby and self-care. Your doula does not make decisions on your behalf but they ensure that you have everything you need to advocate for yourself. 


Culturally Appropriate Care 


Our clients are encouraged to bring their cultural and spiritual values into the pregnancy and birthing process. We understand your desires to include traditions, customs, and ceremony that are important to you. We also recognize the value of having birth support from someone who can speak in the language you are most comfortable with. Your doula will work with you to ensure your experience feels culturally appropriate. 


Community Connection 


Sometimes pregnancy and birthing can feel lonely and isolating. We support our clients to feel connected. This includes locating support classes in your community, attending classes and/or appointments with you, and offering you company during labour and delivery, miscarriage, or abortion. Your doula will also be available to answer questions, debrief your birth, and hear about the joys and challenges along the way.